Yamaha PSR-E453

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Yamaha PSR-E453 کیبورد آموزشی

61-key Portable Arranger Keyboard with 758 Voices, 48-note Polyphony, One-touch Portable Grand Function, 220 Backing Tracks, USB to Host/Device, 3.5mm Auxiliary Input, and Stereo Speakers

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کیبورد آموزشی Yamaha PSR-E453
تعداد کلاویه 61
نوع کلاویه سبک
پلی فونی 48
تعداد صدا 758
تعداد آهنگ دمو 220
تعداد افکت 10
نوع افکت
9 x Reverb, 4 x chorus , 6 x master EQ, 26 x harmony, 3 x ultra-wide stereo
پورت میدی USB
خروجی صدا
1 x 1/4" (headphones)
ورودی صدا
1 x 1/8" TRS (aux in)
اسپیکر دارد
ورودی پدال
1 x 1/4" (sustain)
دیگر کنترلرها
Mod Wheel, 2 x Assignable Knobs
منبع تغذیه 12V DC Power
کیبورد آموزشی Yamaha PSR-E453


  • A solid foundation for your beginning pianist
  • 61 organ-style keys teach students technique, dynamics, and note locations
  • Expanded 48-note polyphony minimizes dropped notes
  • Rich grand piano sound with bass-enhanced stereo speakers makes practice time enjoyable
  • 758 onboard voices to inspire creativity in the practice room or recording studio
  • One-touch Portable Grand mode bypasses advanced features and enables the main grand piano voice
  • Pitch wheel and 2 control knobs let you customize your performances
  • 150 arpeggio patterns help create complex arrangements
  • 220 intelligent accompaniment styles help you flesh out songs
  • 6-track recorder lets you capture up to 10 musical ideas
  • Onboard reverbs, choruses, stereo enhancement, and master EQ for instant inspiration
  • 26-type harmonization lets you work out harmonies without being a theory expert
  • 3.5mm aux in lets you play along with your phone or music player
  • USB to Host and USB to Device modes let you interface with computers and tablets
  • Includes the Yamaha Education Suite (Y.E.S.) and detachable music rest
  • Power supply not included - sold separately
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