Native Instruments Una Corda

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Native Instruments Una Corda وی اس تی پلاگین

Simple sound sculpting tools on the front page of the interface allow you to quickly alter the character of the piano
10 Gigabyte - 2 DVD

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تحت کانتکت Yes
حجم 10Gb
سیستم عامل سازگار Win / Mac
نام محصول Una Corda
کمپانی منتشر کننده Native Instruments


  • Change timbre by using the Color knob to shift between softer and harder tones
  • Change the velocity curve with the Dynamics knob to adjust the piano’s response characteristics
  • Turn up the Space knob to increase ambience without having to finely tune reverb
  • Access the Workbench to gain more precise control over the instrument tone
  • Add harmonics, fold in reverse samples, and alter the tonal depth by shifting between natural and resonant sound
  • Take the prepared piano sound further by adding a second fabric, such as curtain, leather, pleather, or silk
  • Use the response section to further fine-tune your sound. Adjust the attack to shape the tone’s sonic contours. Blend in overtones to generate excitement or help your sound stand out among other instruments
  • Polish your sound in the Finish section with a range of effects. Fine-tune the EQ and dial up some compression to change the timbre or ensure your sound sits well in a mix
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